By sponsoring a racing driver, your brand has the chance to unlock various unique marketing opportunities than no other sport can provide. Further as Arjun is one of the few Indians who is racing and has tasted victory abroad, your band stands to gain massive publicity as well as a chance to pioneer one of the fastest growing sports in India!

Further Arjun can offer the following benefits by associating your brand with him:

  • Logos on his Racecar and Race-wear.
  • VIP passes to all the races.
  • Unique track day experiences for both company members and prospective clients.
  • Promotional videos.
  • Safe driving seminars.
  • Media events and Press conferences.

Finally the FIA Formula 3 Euro Series in itself is global series that is televised all over the world, Arjun being one of the only Indians in the series, is sure to garner a lot of attention. The following are a few media facts about the F3 Euro Series:

  • Over 589,000 on site spectators over the course of a season with crowds averaging 58,900 per event.
  • 145 broadcasters, broadcasting in over 199 different countries.
  • Over 46,000 live streams on the FIA F3 website with an average of 4,631 streams per race.
  • 123,497,275 print runs over the course of a season with 1,147 print clippings.
  • The series also has a strong presence on Facebook with over 8,000 likes and Twitter with over 5,000 followers.

Finally with former Formula One driver, Karun Chandhok himself coming out and saying, Arjun is India's next Formula One star, your brand has the once in a lifetime chance of supporting a future Formula Star, so hurry and get in touch with us for this "One in a Billion" chance.

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