As a big motorsport enthusiast, I have kept a keen eye on the Indian racing scene. One name that has stood out for me these past few years is ArjunMaini, who has been one of the most promising Indian drivers based on both his results and his approach to racing. I do believe if he keeps up his current work ethic, he could go all the way up to the top of the racing pyramid
John Abraham
I have worked with several drivers over the years and can say that Arjun belongs with the best. What sets Arjun apart from other drivers is his maturity and his willingness to learn. He also grasps techniques quickly and doesn't shy away from hard work. All these factors combined should see him achieve his aim of getting to Formula One
Rob Wilson
The best part about Arjun is that he has no ego and there isn't the 'teenager with attitude' syndrome so he listens to advice from the team and people like me who have been there and done it. There are lots of fast drivers out there, but the work you put in outside the car with the engineers and in your fitness training as well your marketability are what set you apart in today's world. Arjun has grasped this concept fully and his work ethic is fantastic. I look forward to helping him become India's next Formula 1 driver one day.
Karun Chandhok
I can say that Arjun was not only fast on track, but he also brought happiness, a good mood and a good work ethic within the team. His attitude was an example for everyone and he gives everything he can both on and off the track. He definitely gave the team something extra and helped us getting our results this year.
Jonathan Moury
Arjun has shown an outstanding work ethic and absolutely no question now understands the vital importance of structured planning and preparation and of course the goal of learning faster than the global competition. His hard work and dedication has been clear for all to see, not just the team members at iZone Driver Performance. I can honestly say Arjun truly stands out with his commitment and desire 'to be the very best he can be' and for sure the future looks very exciting for this young talent!
Neil Riddiford
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